Wednesday, October 1, 2008

It's,Like,I'll Get Back To You With An Answer

Okay. Is it me, or does Sarah Palin "Just doesn't get it?" I'm trying to be fair, and listen to her speeches and interviews, but I'm still waiting for the answer to many of the questions posed to her. Charlie Gibson asked her about what changes there would be in a McCain/Palin ticket as opposed to the Bush Administration in domestic policy. We're still waiting Sarah, but she's still talking. What is she saying? What?! Duh!! We know John McCain is strong and dedicated Senator, but tough talk with no real direction and solutions is what got the country in the mess it is in. Where is the $700 billion dollars for the bailout coming from? Maybe, from those vast oil reserves in ALASKA!! This is the only reason that woman was chosen as his running mate. They know that woman can not run the country, and be a viable and effective policy leader here ,nor abroad.
Tomorrow night is the first and only debate between Biden and Palin. I hope she wrote enough notes during her fact finding camp these past days. I don't want Biden to go off on her, I just want him to do what he does best, and that is a no hold back, factual, and spirited debate. I feel this debate will be the deciding factor of the election. I'm looking forward to it.
Until later,