Friday, August 21, 2009

I'll bring A toothbrush that has toothpaste dispensed from inside. to the slammer

A toothbrush that has toothpaste dispensed from inside.
I know what my breath smells like in the morning, and I can't guarantee they will hook me up with one.

I can't live without listening to Michael everyday, but most importantly, I can't live without God.

My hair pick.
I refuse to live a year having my hair looking like Don King.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thanks For The Memories - Project Runway

I was so excited about this evening. One of my favorite shows was back on the air, Project Runway. The show was always innovative, aggravating, inspiring, capitvating, and on the end of your seat, fabulous. But unfortunately, they have lost a viewer of the show. I'm sorry. I was in agreement of their criticing of the designers who did not make it to the final four. Chris, I was very surprised (pleasantly) of his collection. Sweet Pea, I thought her collection was, yes, sweet, and wonderfully designed. But now, remember, who is supposed to wear the winner's clothes on the red carpet - none other than Nicole Kidman!!! What drugs were these so- called judges taking when they choose Daniel's collection over Korto's? Could the vast amount of American women wear his clothes, NO!!! I thought they were horrible compared to his collection that he showed during his previous appearance. Korto's designs were BEAUTIFUL,FEMININE,
STYLISH,AND RED CARPET WORTHY! Could it be that the work of a Black designer, Black woman designer, is not worthy of Nicole Kidman?
I shudder to think such thoughts.

Monday, August 17, 2009

When I'm a multi-millionaire, some homeless people need a start; Here's how I would help.

Homeless in Sugamo 2

I would take half of the money to build a fifty room apartment building to house the homeless. I have always said that if I ever came across that kind of money, that's what I would do. I would let fifty people in need to live there rent free for one year, with utilites included. Within that year, the person would have to find a job, and establish an bank account. The purpose of that is for them to have an address. You can not obtain a job without having an address or a home. The person would have to hold on to that job a minimum of six months and with good standings. I feel that many who are homeless are so used to not being responsible, this is one way of having them come back into society with their heads held high. After the year is over, they must move on to establish their lives, and give someone else the opportunity that they were given.


OH MY GOD!!!! You have no idea how many people walk away from me when they realize that I haven't seen this movie. It's not that I haven't seen it. I have. Just not all the way through. You know , five minutes here, two minutes there. I don't know, maybe it's because seeing Olivia Newton John with black spandex pants and smoking a cigarette is slightly disturbing. You would understand when one remembers her singing "I Honestly Love You," looking all goody two shoes. Or maybe it's seeing John Travolta wriggling and stuff. I don't know, maybe someday I will. But for now, I shall suffer a martyr's fate, and withstand the blacklash.

P.S. I also haven't seen "The Rocky Horror Picture Show." NOW THERE!!!!