Wednesday, April 7, 2010

TIGER WOODS HAD AFFAIRS!! springsteen had affairs too!

Okay, tell me I'm wrong. But does the media have some bias? Bruce Springsteen is "The Boss." But does that mean no one talks about his infidelities? Did he not cause the break up of a marriage? But that just got a blip, and no one is telling him to come before the world and apologize, and explain WHY did he cheat on a wife AGAIN!
Why does Tiger Woods have to? Oh, wait, let me put my race cards away. See, no one wants to say it, but it is clear as day.
Infidelity is wrong, plain and simple. But don't go out of your race. We in America still have a problem with that. It's just not said in your face. But actions speak louder than words. The actions of the media towards Tiger's behaviour speaks volumes, but now that the money will be coming back in, their will always be the reminder of what he did, after the praises of his golf game. " He's the greatest player of the game ever, aw, but he cheated on his wife dozens of times."
Springsteen...HELLO?! Give him a Presidential honor.
I think I've said enough.

Sure, I could live without a car for a year, as long as buses still ran!

It wouldn't be easy, living in Miami. But the trick is to plan in advance where your going, and calling for the bus schedule. Thank God for MP-3 players w/video. Now that I can't live without riding a bus.