Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Oldest Thing I Own

The book

Two things actually. I have a book that my father-in-law gave me from Iran. It was published over two hundred years ago, and it contains words of wisdom from Prophet Ali. I absolutely love it. What I like is it has writing in Farsi, and English.

Also, my mother-in-law gave me a beautiful ring made of pure silver with a ruby cabachon set in it. She said it had been in her family of at least 200 years.

These a very dear and special to me.

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Easter Candy vs. Halloween Candy

Easter Candy

Do not want, nor like Easter candy. There is something upsetting about pink, light blue, yellow, and green candy. Bunny rabbits, and eggs. Peeps, yuck! Also, trying to get that thin foil off off the chocolate eggs, what's up with that? It all goes against the whole meaning of what Easter is supposed to be about, but that's another post.

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Three Things I Have No Patience For

scream and shout

Number one: Rudeness! Can't stand it, can't stand it! There simply is no reason a person can give to be just out-right rude. Even if you are pissed, there is a way of firmly stating your displeasure.

Number two: Disrespectful children. Simply put, they couldn't be my child. What's worse is when their parent(s) are there with them, and they don't control them.

Number three: People driving while talking on their cell phones. UGH!! It's like when they lift the phone up to their ears, their feet lift off of the gas pedal!

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