Monday, April 13, 2009

Thoughts Before I Go To Sleep For the Morning

It is two-fifty-nine in the morning, and I can't believe I am writing an entry on my blog. But , sometimes, the best writing comes at this time in the morning. Ive been looking at other blogs, and I have to say, I am lacking as far as creativeness.But I've learned that sometimes, the finer things in life are simpler in design. You tend to demand attention when there is not so many other things to look at to draw you from what is being said, or written. So, I shall keep on this course. For now.
Since my last statement, the Dow dropped significantly, then rebounded. President Obama is moving to relax relations with Cuba, and called for the Navy Seals to take out pirates holding an American ship captain hostage. Phil Specter was found guilty of second-degree murder, "The Guiding Light " soap opera was cancelled after seventy-two years, starting out as a radio show.
I guess I'm going to end this now , because I am making WAY too many mistakes typing.
Speak to you soon!!!! Peace!!!!!