Tuesday, June 30, 2009

How I'd spend $1,000

CLOTHES, CLOTHES, CLOTHES, and more CLOTHES!!!! I must say that I do not treat myself enough when it comes to clothes, and shoes. Knowing the places I know that have quality clothing at affordable prices, $1,000 can get me far. Now that I think about it, I'd spend $800.00 on clothes and shoes, and $200.00 to download songs on my MP-3 player.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bye,Bye,Boo- Michael Jackson 1958 - 2009

Many people whom I know wonder why I continue love Michael Jackson. Some say he's a freak. Some say he's a child molester. Some say he's a has-been. But there truly can be no denying of the influence that man had on not just the music industry, entertainment, but American culture.He alone saved the music industry , whether you want to give him credit or not. Many of the artists today in the music business would not be here if it were not for Michael Jackson.

Now the hypocrites are coming out of the wood works. M.T.V. is number one! How long has it been since they played a Michael Jackson video, and now they wait until the brother is dead to show them. Cher, Brooke Shields, Lisa Marie Presley, Madonna! All showing sympathy to him now, but where were they when the brother needed their support? B.E.T!!! OOOO!!!! Don't get me started! And Sheryl Crow, with her lying behind self! I read somewhere she said they didn't spend any time together while she was singing back-up for him on tour, and now she's saying she and Michael used to watch "Amos and Andy" movies together.

Perhaps the sadness is giving way to anger now as I watch the hypocrites and critics cry crocodile tears saying how much they loved and admired Michael.

My prayers goes to his three beautiful children and his family.

I do not say that Michael is dead, for he, probably more than anyone else in music, has left us a history of images,music, and lyrics that in the near future, people will say he was the greatest performer of all time. HE LIVES!!! WE MUST KEEP HIS SOUL ALIVE IN THE LOVE HE GAVE ALL OF US!!!


Peace to you my brother.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I wish I could have seen "CITIZEN KANE" in the theater

This movie is by far one of the best movies ever made. It is also very timely. To think that this movie was made in the nineteen thirties with what was considered back then state-of-the-art production, it looks just as fresh today as it did then. The idea that absolute power corrupts absolutely was true then as now. The power of the media, the egomania of the news publishers should have given the papers of today a clue that not everything is what it seems, and sometimes the "big story " will come back to haunt you. The movie was understandably upsetting to William Randolph Hearst, whom Kane is modelled after. To show how one can manipulate circumstances and events to justify and possibly start a war just to sell newspapers and achieve power is sick. Yet, that's just what Hearst did.He lost everything including the one thing he loved most in the world that was taken from him, his beloved,"Rosebud." If you don't know what that is, I guess you'll have to see the movie.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Okay, It's Official, Netanyahu Is Not Wrapped Too Tight

I have listened over the years to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and I have tried not to say anything about the man. Likud is a party within Israel that to me, is a policy making forum group that is anti-Arab, and not a peace seeking organization. But please, will someone tell me, what is so great about the idea of a Palestinian state that must recognize Israel, surrounded by its Arab neighbors, yet, be "demilitarized?" What real country , that is a country, does not have the capability of defending itself? Netanyahu is crazy to think that this is a viable solution.This tells me, he wants no solution, just continued hostilities between Israel and the Palestinians. He wants to continue to receive aid from the U.S. to continue to hold the Palestinians hostage under constant bombardment by Israeli military forces, and racist policies by the Knesset.
If we really want to stop the hostilities, we have to be realistic and use the Israeli argument about what is truly their 'Biblical" claim to the land.
Have you ever wondered why are the Palestinians restricted to the Gaza strip and West Bank?
Could it be that these are the lands that were actually given to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, not Israel proper? Do the research and you will see I am right. Israel is terrorizing the Palestinians because now they want their "true" land. The only way to do that. Exterminate the Palestinians. You can attempt to call this anti-Semitic, but then I would not be speaking in favor of the Palestinians right of existence and a true homeland. If I were anti- Semitic, I would not be against ANYONE who speaks of the destruction of Israel . But I do believe that the people of that area needs to acknowledge that God would not be in agreement of either side's slaughter of each other, and the hostilities need to cease. Before the Israel state came into existence, the two people lived in peace. Perhaps they need to rid themselves of the mindset that started all of this. There are some Orthodox Jews who feel the state of Israel should not be in existence. Why don't we hear more from them? No, the media whats it to remain that only Arabs and the Iranians feel that way. But these Orthodox Jews feel that this is not the time designated by God for the state of Israel, but the idea was"hijacked" by some who say they are Jews, but are not. They do do not live according to the laws of God, given to Moses, and act according to their own laws.
I invite everyone to do the research and see if the current Israeli policy is just or violates human rights.
Peace until later.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cool Celebrity Encounters

Jerry Lewis
He was shopping at the Aventura Publix supermarket in Aventura, Florida about twenty years ago I remember being struck that he was buying Kellogg's Frosted Flakes and a six pack of L.A. beer. I almost ran into him.

Chaka Khan
At the Hard Rock Cafe in Miami, Florida about thirteen years ago. She was having lunch there,and from what I remember, she got a little upset that there was a problem with billing. But she later was back in the office area talking to the then P.R. manager, and I shouted out, "I LOVE YOU, CHAKA!" She turned and smiled and waved at me. The woman has the most beautiful smile!

Vivica Fox
Again, at the Hard Rock Cafe in Miami. She actually came two days in a row. She is much prettier in person. This was about a year or so ago.

Chita Rivera
I was playing with the band I was in about twenty years ago at a small watering hole in Coconut Grove. This place was so small that the guitarist, bassist, and drummer was inside, and I was singing on the sidewalk. Anyhoo, Ms. Rivera was performing at the Coconut Grove Playhouse next door and was leaving with her entourage. What was cool was she was dancing to the music that we were playing. She took the time to say hello and said that she would try to come back later. I knew she wouldn't, but that she acknowledged newbies like us was awesome! In case you don't know who she is, Ms. Rivera is a Tony award winning singer and dancer who was in the original production of "Chicago" on Broadway. She has been nominated seven times for the Tony Award, and has won twice.

Steven Bauer

Two days ago, there was a filming of a new reality show at the Hard Rock Cafe in Miami. Apparently, Steven Bauer is producing the show and was there with the production crew and contestants of the show. Our sales manager introduced him to me , and I told him that I had seen him in high school. He thought I meant the show "Que Pasa, U.S.A.?." But I told him that while he was attending the University of Miami, there was a drama conference featuring high school drama clubs. We went to see the play "Candide," and Bauer, was playing the lead role. He seemed genuinely surprised and I said that he was going by a different name back then. We both laughed, and he said "Yeah, I was called 'Rocky' then." I told him that I was aging myself. He was extremely nice and seemed to have a good time at the cafe. He and the cast and crew stayed to have lunch. I think he is a huge fan of The Police and Eric Clapton, because he was singing their songs whenever their videos came on.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Say What You Will, I Think Michael Was and Is Beautiful!

I've heard it all .

"I like Michael when he was black!" He still is FOOL!!!

"He is so yesterday!" But the stars of today look back to yesterday's Michael to know what to do NOW!!

"HE'S SO UGLY!!! I can't look at him!!"


Miami, My City, My Home

Say what you will about Miami, the place sure is pretty. Like any other large metropolitan city, in has it's sore, ugly spots. But, I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. True, we have cold weather for two hours, but when it's cold, it's COLD!! Even northerners can't believe that it can get down to thirty-seven degrees, as it did last year. Also the summers are brutal, causing one to seek any relief from the sun. But the sun is what people flock to see. So bring a large bottle water, a hat, some sunscreen, and come and visit. Yes, as I have heard people ask, there are people here who speak English. No offense to my Latin and Hispanic brothers and sisters, but where I work, I get that question constantly. There is more to Miami than South Beach and Little Havana. Miami is is a multi-cultural city which, if you take the time to look, has a lot to offer.
So sit back and take a look at my town, MIAMI!!!

VERDADDY Taco Shop has good cheap eats

The portions are huge, all of the sauces and food are made fresh. Delicious and if you walk in with twenty dollars, two people can eat well! It doesn't look like much on the outside, though recently, they have remodeled the exterior, but the food keeps me coming back for more!!! I always need a fork lift to pick me up out of my chair after I finish eating!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What is my dream car to roll in - a Maybach 62

Maybach 62

WOW, that's tough. It's a toss-up between a Maybach sedan and a Bentley coupe. These two cars are so sleek and bad. But considering you see a lot of Bentleys around, I'll take the Maybach. I've only seen one once. At first glance, it looks like a Mercedes Benz, but a Benz ain't got nothing on this car.I've also seen another car for the first time, it's called The Genesis. It may be by Bentley,but I'm not sure. The body design is similar to an Maybach, but I don't know about the interior.

Monday, June 1, 2009

In defense of my vice: The X-Files

My vice is that I go to sleep every night watching "The X-Files." I mean, EVERY NIGHT! Needless to say, my husband is not crazy about it, but he no longer has to worry about me taking up the bed at night.

It started when I had my first child. I would sleep in her room because she would wake up every four hours for feedings. The show is my absolute favorite show, and I have all of the episodes. It was the one thing that would relax me enough so that I could go to sleep.

I may quit, but now it has been so long that my husband is comfortable sleeping by himself that when I do decide to come to bed, he won't move over!

So I guess it will be Mulder, Scully, and myself tucked in together at night.

Three songs that I would play at full volume

"Layla" by Eric Clapton

When you realize this song was written to the then wife of George Harrison because he was stupid in love with her, you can understand. The range of intensity at the beginning, and the tender piano and guitar performance shows the sadness shoes the deepness of his love for this woman.

"Start Me Up" by The Rolling Stones

Some say "Satisfaction" is the best Stones song, but I think this song is because it stops me in my tracks everytime it plays!

"Remember The Time" by Michael Jackson

BASS,BASS,and more BASS!!!! If you are sitting down while this song is playing, you better have back problems! The most bored person will tap their foot, bop their head, or ever do a liitle hip grind to tihs jam!