Sunday, May 16, 2010

Impressed, I'd say Surprised.

It's not that I wasn't impressed by The Mall, I was just surprised by the landscaping. I had to remind myself of the significance of the Mall, because at one time, slaves were sold on the Mall.

Seeing it in person, I thought about all of the people who walked along it during the Vietnam protests, the March on Washington, the Million Man March, and the inauguration of all of the Presidents, in particular, President Barack Obama.

I am reminded of the outrage people had when the suggestion of having taxpayers money go to re-sod the Mall.

Given the history surrounding it, maybe it's best it stays the way it is. But with a message to give our children of just how important this plot of land is, and the history that makes it so important.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

I wish I'd learned that sooner to just be me.

I wish when I was younger, like in my twenties, to just be myself. To not worry about what other people thought about me. I wasted too much time trying to fit in, that I lost myself. I found, in time, I was good enough already, and if anyone didn't like me, I don't give a @#$%!! God is really the one I am concerned with in regards to how I am, and how I act. If I down with him, everything and everyone else, comes in a distant second.

Well let me take some of that back. I do care about how my children perceive me. They are God's indicators on Earth. They have a direct line to him. So, if you don't treat them right, HE knows!