Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy Birthday, Michael!!!

Wow,fifty years, as he says, young. But why do I suddenly feel old? It seems like yesterday I was eleven when I first heard The Jackson Five.Thirty-seven years sure goes fast. In truth, there are only three people who affected me and changed my life when I first learned of their existence. Number three is Elton John, number two is the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, and number one is Michael Jackson. It seems like a strange combination, but I can remember everything that happened the day that I discovered these men, and all of them made me a changed person, Michael in particular.
Of course, everyone who loves Michael claims that they are his greatest fans. I will allow that only today on his birthday. My husband I love dearly, and is my boo. But Michael is my BOO!
Meaning, he was my first love. I feel that I am the best defender for Michael,because I ,though I have never met the man, feel I know him. I get him,and can make people understand him in ways that they never thought of before.
Let's start with these sleepovers with children.Lisa Marie said it best. She said that she could see how these occurrences could happen, the children would not let Michael go to the bathroom without following him. If I were a child, and I got to hang out with Michael ,I would probably do the same. Anyone who has a young child, who loves them, knows that they follow you everywhere. Michael said if the child wanted to sleep in his room, it was okay as long as the parent or guardian said it was okay. He said he never invited anyone to sleep in his bed.If they slept in his bed ,he slept on the floor.Don't worry, I know what the boy said that he slept on one side,and Michael slept on the other side. But who's to say the boy didn't crawl into the bed after Michael was asleep?
Michael's color.Michael is and will always be a Black man.I don't hear anyone saying to a white person who has a dark tan,"Oh, you're black." I have seen white people with vitiligo, and they look the same as Michael,the affected part , I mean. But let's be real people. Would you all have accepted Michael if he kept the afro and did not cover the blotches? Don't lie, no you wouldn't.
You would call him a freak just as you do now. I frankly think that it is racist to think that Michael would change his color to be accepted, as though being white is some great thing. Michael said it best, "I AM A BLACK MAN. I AM PROUD OF MY RACE, I AM PROUD
Is Michael gay, and could he have fathered his children? Do you want to know if Michael is gay?
Listen to "Lady In My Life." A gay man would never sing with such passion to a WOMAN! What's wrong with you people? I have listened to Elton John, George Michael,Freddy Mercury, and others , and if you listen to their lyrics, they rarely, if ever, refer to a woman in their songs.
As for his children, if you knew of Michael's background, it is possible to have fair skinned children with light or blond hair. My own children, especially my daughter, are very light skinned, yet I am Black, and their father is Asian. Again, racism clouds the minds of people who have no knowledge of genetics.
Is Michael Muslim? Do I believe that Michael believes there is only one God and Muhammed is the messenger of Allah, and he lives to do the will of God? Yes, but that is what I believe, but I also know that Michael studies many religions. So I guess you can call him a Christian, a Jew, Buddhist, and Muslim. Bottom line, Michael is a believer in God, and knows that his talent comes from him and he openly acknowledges that fact.
One last thing, and I hope you all get what I'm about to say. There are some people in the world who believe Michael is the archangel Michael written of in the Old Testament who comes to save and protect the children of the world.Seriously. Michael is a prophet, a lyrical prophet, He loves children, and his people, and God. How dangerous would it be if a man like Michael,a man wealthy and influential as Michael, were to say "I am a Muslim?" How many of our children, who love and respect him, would follow him? How many of us, who love and respect him, would follow him?
The enemy went after Michael because they felt threatened by the political direction he was moving towards, the distribution of his wealth, and the religious direction he was turning towards.
If they didn't, the whole world would follow him, Sounds familiar?
More later, PEACE!!!
P.S. How could I forget?The plastic surgery. I think Michael should be applauded for taking a situation that most of us would be ashamed of, and reinvented himself .Tina Turner said ,"There is a difference between plastic surgery and corrective surgery." Michael initially had plastic surgery when he broke his nose, but he has had corrective surgery for his breathing problems. It seems as though some of the surgeons out there have selective memory when it comes to this fact. So perhaps Michael was telling the truth when he spoke to Oprah, when he said at that time, he had only two procedures. Okay, I'm DONE!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

It Looked Like Stars In Heaven, and Barack Was The Black Stone

Today, everyone was quiet. Though I had on my MP-3 player, I still noticed the silence. At work, people who are normally loud, didn't have anything to say. On the bus, there was calm. Perhaps, people were anticipating what would be said tonight. They were preparing themselves for what would be a historic evening. The first Black person to accept the nomination of a major party, to become President of the United States of America. WOW!!! I never thought I would say that.
The Invesco stadium in Denver looked like Mecca, the only difference was that people were not walking around the Kaba. But the lights in the stadium, the over eighty thousand people, if they could, looked like the pilgrims at Mecca. Getting ready to kiss the Black stone. Barack is this nation's Black stone, and people, White,Black, Asian, and Native people in America, all joined as one , to kiss the stone. Our Black rock, Barack. Watching him, is our Diamond,Joe Biden. Both stones, Barack, the Black stone, like the one at Mecca, we do not know it's origin, but everyone is attracted to it. Biden, the White stone, diamond, rare, the hardest stone or mineral, but again, everyone is attracted to it.
There has been a lot said about the so called catch phrases of Obama. Change and hope. Let's see what Webster had to say about these words.
Change- make different in form transform exchange for another or others become different " The nation's mood has changed."
Hope- 1.the feeling that what is wanted can be had, or events will turn out well
4.a person or thing in which expectations are centered
6. to look forward to with desire and reasonable confidence
7. to believe, desire , trust feel that something desired may happen.
Yes, my friends, it is my belief that Barack Obama will be our next President.

More later ,PEACE!!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Yes, We Can Can, With Obama and Biden !

I woke up yesterday morning with a wonderful present from two men that I am not even married to.Barack Obama announced that he was choosing Sen. Joe Biden as his running mate
in the presidential election! This was a brilliant move and also a very wise one. I must admit, Biden was not even on my mind as a choice, but when I heard the announcement, it made perfect sense.
I have been a fan of Biden for many years, and have always been captivated by his speeches on the Senate floor. He is an advocate of women's rights and protection for women victims of violence.The wealth of knowledge he has in foreign affairs is almost unmatched by anyone in Congress, so that should quiet everyone who is in doubt about Obama.Biden is not a person who will disappear in the woodworks, he will be there, front and center, helping to shape this country into its place where it should be. We have used the term "Greatest Country on Earth" too freely,
without making it so. Without truly believing it . This country can go two ways. The way of Ninevah, or Sodom and Gomorrah. With the deviation this country has in its relationship with God,morals, culture, children,women,and the elderly, we need a change with substance, leadership with integrity and realistic solutions, and belief that we can change for the better.
My prayers are with Obama and Biden. I pray that the forces of evil do not spring up to do something Satanic, and force God to have to deal with this country the way He did other nations in the past that did not do His will, and treat His people with justice, equity, and love.
More later,PEACE!!!

Friday, August 15, 2008


I have had a bit of Michael Jackson in my system this evening. I pulled a tape which showed video from Michael's personal photographer during the Bashir interview. Feelings of betrayal, and anger set in , especially when Michael's makeup artist made comments to Bashir about how the real story of Michael is left out of the media. Karen Faye, the makeup artist,showed frustration when she see how the media sensationalize Michael and never speaks , nor writes about the good the man has done for children and others in need. I guess that doesn't sell papers.
To watch the witch hunt on T.V., the horrific comments made by so called "journalists," who are to be objective, but yet gave their opinions, made me ill. The continuing name-calling of "pedophile" and other terms to a man who was found, not "not guilty," but "innocent," shows that in this country, especially a Black man, lies replace the truth, if told often enough.
As I said earlier tonight, the enemy always uses a man's weakness, or love of something ,to destroy the man.
Not that I am saying Michael is him, but the same thing happened to Jesus when He said "I and my father are one," Michael's cross was made when he made reference to Jesus saying we should be pure and innocent as children. Michael's love for children, his love for God and Jesus, and his wealth, fame, and influence, made him a "Dangerous"(pardon the pun) man to some in positions of power and authority. More later! PEACE!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I Survived Jury Duty

Bet you were wondering what happened to me, huh? Well, I just recovered from my latest round
of jury duty. Don't get me wrong, I am one of those strange people who actually enjoys her civic
responsibility, but eight hours of waiting to even be considered for a panel, is a bit much. I also
had the great pleasure of going to work after the torture. FUN!!!!! Then, when all was said and done, when all of the jury panel got themselves pumped for the start of the trial, the case is
dropped.AHHHHHHHHHH!!!! That feels better. So, what's a girl to do? Go to the movies!
I went to see the latest X-Files movie, and being the die-hard fan I am, enjoyed every minute
of it. X-Fileholics got the movie because it was a longer, more intense X-File episode, but those
walking in cold, and unfamiliar with the series will probably find it lacking. I would suggest to
people who have never watched the show to invest and purchase the season three box set to
understand the way the X-Files thinks and reacts to what is happening in reality. Sure, it
exaggerates the truth, but the stories are derived from true stories. As the old saying goes,

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I Know, Are You Serious?

You must be wondering,is this one for real? But before you dismiss this as fanciful foolishness,
just read Ezekiel 1 :5-21. I am sure that there are people out there that read the Bible, both the
Old and New Testament. It is speaking of MEN! Their appearance was as men, holding wings.
The wings are books, meaning the Torah, The Holy Scriptures, The New Testament, and The Holy Qur'an.When they walked, they walked with their feet straight ahead, and they were the color of burnished brass (Black).They always had their wings (books) with them, because they kept them on the straight path.Depending on how you looked at them, they had the appearance
of an ox on the left, an lion on the right, the likeness of an eagle, but they were all MEN!
Each of these men had a wheel assigned to them . Wherever the men went, the wheels went.
When the men stood, the wheels stood. Basically, the spirit of the men directed the wheels because the men's spirit was inside the wheels. So to make a long story short, I believe the so-called U.F.O's are God's hosts that have been here longer than recorded time.TIME TO WAKE
More later. PEACE!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

An Introduction

This is quite exciting for me to be on line to get to meet all of you.
I won't be using my actual name (duh), but just call me VAI.
I never had a journal while growing up, but I feel at my age, you're never too old to start.

First a few ground rules. I am a HUGE Michael Jackson fan, so no haters allowed!
The X-Files are my all-time favorite show, so be prepared for many X-File-isms
I have many interests, and unusual opinions, so get you pen and paper ready!
It's going to be a fun ride!

First subject-- who out there believes in ,or has seen a U.F.O.? Do you believe they are from another planet, or God's hosts?
I want serious responders, not kooks or people with obscene statements. This is a serious
blog for people who want to meet someone who believes in extreme possibilities. PEACE!