Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Uh, Hello!!! Oh yeah, President Obama, What Do You Think So Far ?

Hello friends!!
I'm sure you all are wondering,where have you been? We've had a presidential election, and we just knew you had something to say about that. You didn't. We witnessed the most unforgettable inauguration in American history, surely she has something to to say about that, and she didn't.
However, the President is addressing a joint Congress this evening, THAT I have something to say about. I have watched the Republicans stay strong to partisan ideologies that is not what we need at this time in America. I have lost count of the number of Americans that have lost jobs since the election, but it may be more than two million by now, and if not that, it is very close. At the beginning of the address, the Democratic members of Congress were the ones who were standing in agreement with President Obama, but the Republican side sat as though someone put crazy glue on their seats.But, as I predicted, as he went along, more Republicans applauded in agreement.
This wonderful man has strong people working for him in his administration and advisers. We should be leaders in green energy, bringing manufacturing back to America instead of outsourcing outside of America.We must, particularly now, find a way of providing health care to our citizens. There is no reason for us to ask Americans to go back to work , and no guarantee they are not protected with the help they need for health care. With Vice-President Joe Biden at the helm, accountability will be key to ensure that the money in the recovery package will be accounted for. We need to make sure that the people that we are sending to Iraq and Afghanistan are properly equipped and when needed , are taken care of when returning home.
The greed of the past HAS to end. There is no reason for ANYONE to have a multimillion dollar bonus from a failing company. Reaganomics has failed, or rather run its course. Usury is soon to come to an end because it is ungodly. Those who practices it know it, because it has brought the downfall of this nation.
There are a lot of smiling faces in the well tonight. Lets see what will happen and be said tomorrow.I find it fascinating that every news network has shown the address tonight. The brother is, if not anything else , is inspirational, spellbinding, and downright cool. How many Presidents have you seen in recent history is asked for their autograph as the are leaving from a joint Congress address?
I promise not to be away so long again. Peace and love to you all!!!

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