Thursday, September 11, 2008

Rememberance,Yes.Lingering Questions,Many.Answers,Not Many- Sept.11,2001

People have different ways they remember the events on 9/11.Mine may seem morbid, but I pull out the video I have of the day that starts just when the first reports came out.It really seemed like it was a movie that I was viewing.When the second plane crashed, I remember feeling shocked,but strangely,not surprised.As the day went on, I knew that this was the shock of the hour.Minister Louis Farrakhan spoke about this in a video titled, 'The Shock of The Hour." He was quoting from the Qur'an, from the chapter called "El Hajj," "The Pilgrimage." In this chapter, it talks about this shock, and the effect it will have on the people.Though , through interpretation, it is speaking about possibly an earthquake,it definitely is referring to a state of agitation and affliction.The people who committed this act lost their humanity,and their right to even call themselves Muslim. We, as Americans, must remember though, other people from other nations, nationalities, and religions (including Muslims), lost their lives in this world tragedy. Because of the many dynamics that were involved in this story, many question arise,not just of the men guilty of the attacks, but of the actions of many people, from many countries, and many governments who directly, or indirectly helped to set things in motion.
One thing that I hope that we should have learned from this is that we must know more about our world, and the people who live in it. We must study history, because what happened on Sept. 11,2001, and our reaction to it proves we don't know enough about it.It is true that if we do not know about history, we are doomed to repeat it.
More later,PEACE!

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