Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Here's the best joke I know

A man and his dog go into a bar. They sit down and the bartender asks, "What would you like to drink?" The man says, "Give me a white wine, and give my dog a Bud." The bartender says, "Yeah, right." The dog says, "Hey, I want a Bud!" The bartender is astonished! They get their drinks, and the man asks the dog to go across the street to get him a pack of cigarettes. He puts the money in the dog's mouth, the dog jumps off the stool, goes out the door, and across the street. The bartender says, '"That's amazing that your dog talks!" The man says, "Yeah, it surprises everyone." The man goes to the bathroom, comes back, but his dog has not returned. Ten minutes, fifteen minutes, twenty minutes, but the dog is not back. The man gets worried, and goes out to find his dog. He sees the dog across the street getting it on with another dog. The man says, "What are you doing?! I never seen you do that before!" The dog goes, "I never had the money before."

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