Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Earliest Memory

Palm trees galore!!

My earliest memory was when I was about three. It had to be about that age, because it was before we moved to Miami. Plus, the image was in black and white. I remember being in someone's apartment. Their living room. I see a couch, and a window to the right wall of where the couch is. Possibly a coffee table.

But the thing I remember clearly, was the song "Alfie," by Dionne Warwick was playing. So it had to have been in 1967, because that's when that version of the song came out. But if 1967 is when that song was released, that couldn't have been my first memory.

I have a slight memory of the neighborhood I lived in, in California. We moved to Miami in1966.

Now, I remember walking in to the house that I grew up in when we first arrived. There were three TALL palm trees in the front yard. And I remember the front bathroom. Apparently, someone didn't flush the toilet. After several uses! WELL!! Needless to say, I was not impressed at all with my new digs, and wanted to go back to California, IMMEDIATELY!!! It was much smaller than our old house. And I remember thinking, perhaps with the same words, "Oh no! This will NOT do!!"

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