Thursday, October 7, 2010

My One Day as a Celebrity - Bill Gates

Bill Gates at CES 2007

Bill Gates. The first thing I would do is actually look at my bank account for liquid assets.Then, I would buy property in one major city in each state. Then, make arrangements to build an apartment buildings with adjacent offices in each city, fully decorated and equipped with every necessary appliance and machines. Then I would send my minions to find 100 homeless people, and tell them they could live at the apartments, but they have two years two to acquire a job, but in the meantime, we would give them job, social, and life skills. Oh, and all of this, would be free. But once the two years is over, they must go out on their own, and make a life for themselves, so that someone else could come in and have a chance like they did. WHEW!!!

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