Tuesday, August 5, 2008

An Introduction

This is quite exciting for me to be on line to get to meet all of you.
I won't be using my actual name (duh), but just call me VAI.
I never had a journal while growing up, but I feel at my age, you're never too old to start.

First a few ground rules. I am a HUGE Michael Jackson fan, so no haters allowed!
The X-Files are my all-time favorite show, so be prepared for many X-File-isms
I have many interests, and unusual opinions, so get you pen and paper ready!
It's going to be a fun ride!

First subject-- who out there believes in ,or has seen a U.F.O.? Do you believe they are from another planet, or God's hosts?
I want serious responders, not kooks or people with obscene statements. This is a serious
blog for people who want to meet someone who believes in extreme possibilities. PEACE!

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