Saturday, August 23, 2008

Yes, We Can Can, With Obama and Biden !

I woke up yesterday morning with a wonderful present from two men that I am not even married to.Barack Obama announced that he was choosing Sen. Joe Biden as his running mate
in the presidential election! This was a brilliant move and also a very wise one. I must admit, Biden was not even on my mind as a choice, but when I heard the announcement, it made perfect sense.
I have been a fan of Biden for many years, and have always been captivated by his speeches on the Senate floor. He is an advocate of women's rights and protection for women victims of violence.The wealth of knowledge he has in foreign affairs is almost unmatched by anyone in Congress, so that should quiet everyone who is in doubt about Obama.Biden is not a person who will disappear in the woodworks, he will be there, front and center, helping to shape this country into its place where it should be. We have used the term "Greatest Country on Earth" too freely,
without making it so. Without truly believing it . This country can go two ways. The way of Ninevah, or Sodom and Gomorrah. With the deviation this country has in its relationship with God,morals, culture, children,women,and the elderly, we need a change with substance, leadership with integrity and realistic solutions, and belief that we can change for the better.
My prayers are with Obama and Biden. I pray that the forces of evil do not spring up to do something Satanic, and force God to have to deal with this country the way He did other nations in the past that did not do His will, and treat His people with justice, equity, and love.
More later,PEACE!!!

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DJ said...

My God well said in your last paragraph well said and i totally agree with you. Joe Biden is a well pick and is going to tear Palin apart in the next debate!!!