Friday, August 15, 2008


I have had a bit of Michael Jackson in my system this evening. I pulled a tape which showed video from Michael's personal photographer during the Bashir interview. Feelings of betrayal, and anger set in , especially when Michael's makeup artist made comments to Bashir about how the real story of Michael is left out of the media. Karen Faye, the makeup artist,showed frustration when she see how the media sensationalize Michael and never speaks , nor writes about the good the man has done for children and others in need. I guess that doesn't sell papers.
To watch the witch hunt on T.V., the horrific comments made by so called "journalists," who are to be objective, but yet gave their opinions, made me ill. The continuing name-calling of "pedophile" and other terms to a man who was found, not "not guilty," but "innocent," shows that in this country, especially a Black man, lies replace the truth, if told often enough.
As I said earlier tonight, the enemy always uses a man's weakness, or love of something ,to destroy the man.
Not that I am saying Michael is him, but the same thing happened to Jesus when He said "I and my father are one," Michael's cross was made when he made reference to Jesus saying we should be pure and innocent as children. Michael's love for children, his love for God and Jesus, and his wealth, fame, and influence, made him a "Dangerous"(pardon the pun) man to some in positions of power and authority. More later! PEACE!

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