Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bye,Bye,Boo- Michael Jackson 1958 - 2009

Many people whom I know wonder why I continue love Michael Jackson. Some say he's a freak. Some say he's a child molester. Some say he's a has-been. But there truly can be no denying of the influence that man had on not just the music industry, entertainment, but American culture.He alone saved the music industry , whether you want to give him credit or not. Many of the artists today in the music business would not be here if it were not for Michael Jackson.

Now the hypocrites are coming out of the wood works. M.T.V. is number one! How long has it been since they played a Michael Jackson video, and now they wait until the brother is dead to show them. Cher, Brooke Shields, Lisa Marie Presley, Madonna! All showing sympathy to him now, but where were they when the brother needed their support? B.E.T!!! OOOO!!!! Don't get me started! And Sheryl Crow, with her lying behind self! I read somewhere she said they didn't spend any time together while she was singing back-up for him on tour, and now she's saying she and Michael used to watch "Amos and Andy" movies together.

Perhaps the sadness is giving way to anger now as I watch the hypocrites and critics cry crocodile tears saying how much they loved and admired Michael.

My prayers goes to his three beautiful children and his family.

I do not say that Michael is dead, for he, probably more than anyone else in music, has left us a history of images,music, and lyrics that in the near future, people will say he was the greatest performer of all time. HE LIVES!!! WE MUST KEEP HIS SOUL ALIVE IN THE LOVE HE GAVE ALL OF US!!!


Peace to you my brother.


debi said...

I'm glad to read your words, I am with you all the way. It really makes me seethe with the way the hypocrites are trying to get their 15 minutes of camera time. I kept telling people that I truly believed Michael was not a pedophile. The guy lived in his own world because, not by his own choosing, he could not live in ours. Now he's gone, after being ridiculed and attacked , I can't help but feel that the public, in a large way, killed him.

vaimjjxfilefan said...

Thank you, my sister. We that are in the know must correct the way Michael has been portrayed in the media. I agree with you, I think the unknowing public , killed him. Michael, himself said, 'They want to keep you young forever....The public. And nature takes its course." Perhaps we can let people know Michael for what he was - a beautiful human being.