Monday, June 15, 2009

Okay, It's Official, Netanyahu Is Not Wrapped Too Tight

I have listened over the years to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and I have tried not to say anything about the man. Likud is a party within Israel that to me, is a policy making forum group that is anti-Arab, and not a peace seeking organization. But please, will someone tell me, what is so great about the idea of a Palestinian state that must recognize Israel, surrounded by its Arab neighbors, yet, be "demilitarized?" What real country , that is a country, does not have the capability of defending itself? Netanyahu is crazy to think that this is a viable solution.This tells me, he wants no solution, just continued hostilities between Israel and the Palestinians. He wants to continue to receive aid from the U.S. to continue to hold the Palestinians hostage under constant bombardment by Israeli military forces, and racist policies by the Knesset.
If we really want to stop the hostilities, we have to be realistic and use the Israeli argument about what is truly their 'Biblical" claim to the land.
Have you ever wondered why are the Palestinians restricted to the Gaza strip and West Bank?
Could it be that these are the lands that were actually given to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, not Israel proper? Do the research and you will see I am right. Israel is terrorizing the Palestinians because now they want their "true" land. The only way to do that. Exterminate the Palestinians. You can attempt to call this anti-Semitic, but then I would not be speaking in favor of the Palestinians right of existence and a true homeland. If I were anti- Semitic, I would not be against ANYONE who speaks of the destruction of Israel . But I do believe that the people of that area needs to acknowledge that God would not be in agreement of either side's slaughter of each other, and the hostilities need to cease. Before the Israel state came into existence, the two people lived in peace. Perhaps they need to rid themselves of the mindset that started all of this. There are some Orthodox Jews who feel the state of Israel should not be in existence. Why don't we hear more from them? No, the media whats it to remain that only Arabs and the Iranians feel that way. But these Orthodox Jews feel that this is not the time designated by God for the state of Israel, but the idea was"hijacked" by some who say they are Jews, but are not. They do do not live according to the laws of God, given to Moses, and act according to their own laws.
I invite everyone to do the research and see if the current Israeli policy is just or violates human rights.
Peace until later.

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