Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Miami, My City, My Home

Say what you will about Miami, the place sure is pretty. Like any other large metropolitan city, in has it's sore, ugly spots. But, I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. True, we have cold weather for two hours, but when it's cold, it's COLD!! Even northerners can't believe that it can get down to thirty-seven degrees, as it did last year. Also the summers are brutal, causing one to seek any relief from the sun. But the sun is what people flock to see. So bring a large bottle water, a hat, some sunscreen, and come and visit. Yes, as I have heard people ask, there are people here who speak English. No offense to my Latin and Hispanic brothers and sisters, but where I work, I get that question constantly. There is more to Miami than South Beach and Little Havana. Miami is is a multi-cultural city which, if you take the time to look, has a lot to offer.
So sit back and take a look at my town, MIAMI!!!

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