Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Cool Celebrity Encounters

Jerry Lewis
He was shopping at the Aventura Publix supermarket in Aventura, Florida about twenty years ago I remember being struck that he was buying Kellogg's Frosted Flakes and a six pack of L.A. beer. I almost ran into him.

Chaka Khan
At the Hard Rock Cafe in Miami, Florida about thirteen years ago. She was having lunch there,and from what I remember, she got a little upset that there was a problem with billing. But she later was back in the office area talking to the then P.R. manager, and I shouted out, "I LOVE YOU, CHAKA!" She turned and smiled and waved at me. The woman has the most beautiful smile!

Vivica Fox
Again, at the Hard Rock Cafe in Miami. She actually came two days in a row. She is much prettier in person. This was about a year or so ago.

Chita Rivera
I was playing with the band I was in about twenty years ago at a small watering hole in Coconut Grove. This place was so small that the guitarist, bassist, and drummer was inside, and I was singing on the sidewalk. Anyhoo, Ms. Rivera was performing at the Coconut Grove Playhouse next door and was leaving with her entourage. What was cool was she was dancing to the music that we were playing. She took the time to say hello and said that she would try to come back later. I knew she wouldn't, but that she acknowledged newbies like us was awesome! In case you don't know who she is, Ms. Rivera is a Tony award winning singer and dancer who was in the original production of "Chicago" on Broadway. She has been nominated seven times for the Tony Award, and has won twice.

Steven Bauer

Two days ago, there was a filming of a new reality show at the Hard Rock Cafe in Miami. Apparently, Steven Bauer is producing the show and was there with the production crew and contestants of the show. Our sales manager introduced him to me , and I told him that I had seen him in high school. He thought I meant the show "Que Pasa, U.S.A.?." But I told him that while he was attending the University of Miami, there was a drama conference featuring high school drama clubs. We went to see the play "Candide," and Bauer, was playing the lead role. He seemed genuinely surprised and I said that he was going by a different name back then. We both laughed, and he said "Yeah, I was called 'Rocky' then." I told him that I was aging myself. He was extremely nice and seemed to have a good time at the cafe. He and the cast and crew stayed to have lunch. I think he is a huge fan of The Police and Eric Clapton, because he was singing their songs whenever their videos came on.

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