Thursday, July 9, 2009

Is It Me, Or Do You All Don't Get It?

I just don't understand. What is the difficulty that people have with Michael Jackson? I know many of you are about sick of hearing his name, seeing his pictures, and hearing his songs. But obviously, there is interest in him because the media won't drop it. It is like people want verification that the man was a "freak," or somehow different from the rest of us.

Well, he was different from the rest of us. We, will never be able to fully comprehend what this man went through in his life, and perhaps that was designed by God. Michael had a life that started out the same that every child born in the inner city, up until the age of five. After that, the father of Michael, changed the course of this boy's life forever. He wanted his sons to live the life that he was not able to live, have the kind of career that he was not able to have.

I'm listening to speculation that Michael was a drug addict. Well, it is obvious that going through what he went through in 2006-2007, I would have issues also, and probably would have been on something also. Whether it be drugs, or alcohol, shopping, or some other vice to help me forget the hell that I was made to go through.

Bottom line, this man was dying a slow death since the molestation trial, aggravated by the stress of producing fifty shows after being out of the touring world for about nine years. I just think that Allah said, "Come home, my son. You've done enough, and you've done well."

Lastly, who are we to determine what makes a father? I frankly don't care if Michael is the biological father to his three children (though I believe he is ).In the eyes and hearts of the children, he WAS TRULY their father. We could only wish that we could be the kind of parent Michael was, and I don't think he spoiled them. I think he must have been the funniest, coolest father anyone could have. He had a nanny and others that were a support team for him, but Michael raised those children. I don't think Michael would have been able to take care of those children under the influence of ten Xanex pills a day. Do you?

So in the words of our beloved prophet Michael Jackson, "Why you wanna trip on me?"

Lastly, to the media, the children are going to hear of what you are saying about their father, eventually. Get a grip, and tone down the sensationalism and tabloid junk that increases your profit margin and makes a easy buck for you. Damming Michael may make you money now, but you will reap what you sow later.

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