Sunday, July 5, 2009

What Five People Would I Invite To Dinner?

Michael Jackson
He is the one famous person whom I have always wanted to REALLY meet. I just want to talk to him about what inspired him and what did he do to gain spiritual strength through adversity.

Eleanor Roosevelt
She was a fascinating and deeply insiprational woman whom I have always admired.She was cool for a woman when a woman's voice was not taken seriously and she never held back. Being a white woman, she was a great helper in the cause for civil rights for Black people in America.

Marlon Brando
Just because he has a lot of knowledge of the motion picture industry and all of its secrets. To me, he was one of the most beautiful people to grace the screen.

Tina Turner
She is probably one of the only people alive whom I would like to meet. She is a survivor, a worldly woman, and someone who I would like to be like when I grow up. I'm forty-six.

President Barack Obama
Just because he is who he is, and his story is one I want my son to have burned in his mind. He has made it possible for Black children to be anything they want to be, if they work hard and fight for truth and justice. But most importantly, BE KIND AND BE YOURSELF.

First Lady Michelle Obama
She is the perfect example of a beautiful, highly intelligent, and classy Black woman. Every Black girl should use her as an model towards success. Plus, the President is nothing without her and her input. She does not seem to be the "quiet" First Lady.

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